We develop software and hardware industrial IoT products using cutting edge technology to solve common problems in manufacturing operations and logistics.

InOEE improves utilization of equipment from camera stream by developing insights for experts, management, and shop floor staff. Connect InOEE software to your camera and start collecting data within minutes without the need for expensive expert installations. InOEE includes AI-powered analytics tools and dashboards for easy setup of digital performance management in manufacturing operations. Essential for companies undergoing significant changes on the shop floor, e.g. due to lean or digital transformations, crisis management. Also useful in standard production for accelerating continuous improvement.

InoWare helps manage industrial warehouses. The software combines intelligent camera object tracking with impactful inventory analyses and intuitive user interface to feed insights on material transport and storage processes in warehouse to warehouse staff and management. With minor customization it is possible to include warehouse digital twin with the 3D view of your warehouse, real-time calibrated from camera streams.

InoVis is a small and versatile box equipped with camera and computing power. This device replaces IP or industrial cameras in cases when significant pre-processing or analysis of the camera stream is required before the data is sent through network due to security concerns (e.g. anonymization of camera stream using face blurring) or limited network capacity. InoVis can be installed within seconds for diagnostics purposes or used in permanent installations. It is widely used as the hardware component supporting InOEE or InoWare in cases the camera systems are not yet present on the shop floor.