Reach manufacturing excellence with AI. Now.

Digitisation of manufacturing is the holy grail of industrial production. Combining third wave AI and edge computing technology unlocks the industry 4.0 benefits to companies of all sizes.

Our technology will 100x accelerate your digital transformation

  1. You book an installation

  2. We install our device in 2 hours

  3. We calibrate the system remotely in 2 hours

  4. You monitor the OEE, plan, check, act and realize the benefits

  5. We provide support, analysis or integration into your production to reach maximum potential

Our products


Flexible MES and BI solution for machines

An AI operations effectiveness consultant for every machine. Accurately monitor your production effectiveness (OEE) and losses in real time and constantly improve using camera footage.


Digital twin of internal logistics

Rapidly deployed digital twin of internal logistics. Know the exact location of your products using our automatic tracking system based on computer vision tracking and AI on the edge. 

Use Cases

Heavy industrial plant aiming to improve effectiveness of internal logistics

InoWare, our AI-driven digital twin of internal logistics, can help you save staff's time on searching for material, optimize warehouse layout, improve OEE of handling equipment, schedule key aggregates and more.

SME looking an for effective MES or shop floor BI solution

Collection of the data from shop floor has never been so flexible, reliable, and fast to implement. InOEE will fuel your management with data from the shop floor literally tomorrow.

Owner or potential owner diagnosing opportunities to improve operations

Get an expert opinion of machinery effectiveness and improvement opportunities for a discrete manufacturing plant with their RoI based on detailed measurements and visual InOEE data everyone will support.

Manufacturing plant attempting to speed up ramp-up of new machinery

Getting new machinery up to speed and ensuring your investments delivers on expectations requires special attention. With InOEE, you willramp-up quicker thanks to fast and comprehensive analysis of effectiveness losses and variabilities.

Setting up or speeding a manufacturing company digital transformation

With InOEE, your will always have a real-time granular view of everything happening in your plant, aggregated into initiative impact tracking, synthesized into management KPIs. You transformation will be data driven and the risk of getting off tracks substantially reduced.

Our team


Since our establishment in 2020, we have grown to >40 colleagues, experts on manufacturing operations, data science, SW development, HW design and assembly, cybersecurity, factory infrastructure installation, data labelling etc.

Leadership team

Boris Fačkovec portrait
About Boris

Boris is leading product development and customer success. In his previous career as a McKinsey consultant, he designed and led or supported operations transformations at over 25 manufacturing plants across several industries and regions, with total EBITDA impact of the initiatives exceeding 1B EUR p.a. Building on his prior academic experience, he combines rigorous analytical approaches to losses of equipment utilization (OEE) with the pragmatic daily experience from the shop floor. Boris holds a PhD in mathematical modeling of rare events from the Univeristy of Cambridge, MSc in mathematical modeling of bio- and nanostructures from the Charles University and MEng in chemical engineering from the University of Chemistry and Technology.

Pavel Kohout portrait
About Pavel

Pavel is managing the HW development, procurement, project deployment teams and leading the Polish R&D and service center. Previously he worked at BTL Medical Technologies and at TTP, a technology consultancy at Cambridge. He has broad engineering expertise in product and technology R&D ranging from proof of concept to transfer to manufacturing with experience across a wide range of technical areas from design and tolerance analysis of a switching mechanisms for mass manufacture to prototyping a magnetic field based displacement sensor or automating image analysis of aerosol speed. Pavel graduated with MEng from the University of Cambridge.

Join us

Our tech stack

  • Python
  • Linux
  • Bash
  • SQL
  • Docker
  • Git

What we offer

The usual startup stuff

  • Salary
  • Stock options
  • Lunch and coffee on us
  • Experience of owning something

What makes us unique

  • Building a product to disrupt manufacturing, a massive (5tn), omnipresent but publicly invisible industry with processes waiting for automation
  • Blood, sweat and tears. We physically install of our products in real factories, wearing overalls, helmets and special boots and using drills
  • Work on the future of Europe. Preserving/building welfare in your own country or region (if you are from CZ/SK or broadly central Europe) that is heavily dependent on manufacturing.
  • No-bullshit culture and understanding of need for deep thinking necessary to solve hard problems (founders with scientific/engineering background, PhDs and publications in top scientific journals)
  • No e-commerce, fintech or bitcoin


R&D HW Engineer

Your responsibilities:

  • Implementing new features to HW
  • Managing HW development
  • Installing HW

Expected skills and experiences:

  • 3D CAD package, any (we use Fusion 360)
  • Mechatronics design, testing & development experience
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Practical attitude to problem solving, ability to “make things work”, deliver fast plausible imperfect solutions, agile approach
  • English, Czech or Slovak language fluency

It helps if you have:

  • Experience with and passion for edge devices (Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Jetson)
  • Python scripting / programming experience

HW Manager

Your responsibilities:

  • Managing E2E process of HW installation at customers: logistics, planning and determining suitable location for installation of HW and network infrastructure, installing and managing installation team, communicating with customer
  • Managing manufacturing of HW process: ordering parts, assembling devices & managing part-timers for the assembly process
  • Implementing improvements based on learnings from installations

Expected skills and experiences:

  • Good practical judgement
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Practical attitude to problem solving, ability to “make things work”
  • English, Czech or Slovak language fluency

It helps if you have:

  • Experience with and passion for edge devices (SBCs: Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Nvidia Jetson)
  • Interest in prototyping
  • Communication / people skills

Junior Data Scientist with Focus on Computer Vision

Your responsibilities:

  • Creative use of image processing algorithms in OpenCV (a sort of Instagram for industry), elimination of undesirable effects (eg change in light conditions)
  • Image processing as input, finding simple but robust patterns that are easily recognisable by humans
  • Cleaning and processing the resulting data for visualisation
  • Designing and implementing the process of continual improvement of the algorithms
  • Willingness to learn, improve and become expert in several of these areas
  • Ability to deliver fast and plausible solutions that are not necessarily perfect

Your knowledge:

  • Fluency in Python
  • Fluency in basic Python libraries (Numpy/Scipy/Matplotlib)
  • Reasonable fluency in Pandas
  • Knowledge of writing code in Linux and using Bash
  • English of course (C1 or so)


  • Experience with OpenCV
  • Practical knowledge of Keras
  • C++/algorithms/data structures
  • Docker/Kubernetes

Senior Data Scientist

Your responsibilities on top of junior data scientist:

  • Systematic collection of training data, data augmentation
  • Training and fine-tuning deep learning algorithms for object detection and image classification

Your knowledge on top of junior data scientist:

  • Proven ability to train neural networks, experience with transfer learning, fluency in Keras/Pytorch/Sklearn
  • SW development in Linux, fluency in Bash and associated tools (sed/awk etc)
  • Knowledge of OpenCV
  • Ability to read scientific papers in computer science and extract and implement ideas from them
  • Mentor younger members of the team

DevOps Engineer / Data Engineer

Your responsibilities:

  • Writing and reading log files, setting up reporting protocols about operations of edge devices
  • Setting up robust and safe client-server communication for edge devices
  • Developing workflows to test and integrate code
  • Setting up and maintaining customer accounts on the cloud

Your knowledge:

  • Fluency in Linux and bash scripting
  • Fluency Python
  • Experience with Docker and containerisation tools
  • Knowledge of Git
  • Knowledge of CI/CD tools
  • Problem-solving skills, reasonable knowledge of simple maths and computer science (algorithms and data structures)
  • Practical attitude to problem solving, ability to “make things work”, deliver fast plausible if imperfect solutions, agile approach
  • Passion for automation
  • English of course


  • experience with and passion for edge devices (Arduino/Raspberry Pi/Jetson)
  • experience with cloud (AWS/GCP)
  • knowledge of data science tools (Pandas/Sklearn/Keras)
  • any other programming language (C++/Javascript/other relevant languages)


We work with customers in steel, rolling stocks, automotive, defense, construction, pulp and paper and other industries.
Contact us to schedule a go and see or a reference call with our satisfied customers.

photo of email

Why InovecTech:

  1. Expertise : we have been developing our products since the AI on the edge became feasible, having analyzed >1000 machines in >50 manufacturing plants. Our devices have undergone hundreds of thousands of hours of testing

  2. Security : our standardized solution has been tested by experts in house and with customers working in critical infrastructure, weapons manufacturing, and other sensitive industries

  3. Reliability : camera footage can be easily interpreted and validated by a wide range of staff, including line oeprators, management, and experts

  4. Speed : the cameras can be installed and set up within minutes, set up within seconds

  5. Flexibility : the third wave of AI brings incredible flexibility with respect to conditions, types of machines, modes of operations etc., which are necessary for analysing a real-life production plant

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